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After we’ve carried out stump grinding or tree root grinding at your Abingdon home or place of work, you’ll be left with a substantial quantity of wood chips and sawdust, which we can take away or leave with you for use as an effective mulch. Not sure what mulch is or how it’s used? Don’t worry. On this page, we’ve looked to provide some explanation for you!


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What is Mulch?

A mulch is a loose covering or sheet of material that is laid over cultivated soil with the aim of enriching it. It can be placed on bare soil or compost containers. The mulch that you’ll be left with following stump grinding or tree root grinding will be made up of wood chips and sawdust, what type depends on the species of tree.

What Are the Benefits of Mulch?

The answer to this really depends on the type of mulch that you’re using. But our green-thumbed Abingdon clients may notice that their mulch:

• Helps soil retain moisture during hotter months

• Supresses weeds

• Improves the texture of soil

• Deters certain pests

• Protects plant roots from excessive temperatures

• Encourages the presence of helpful soil organisms

• Forms a barrier against edible crops making contact with

    the soil

• Looks fantastic

image of orange toned mulch

When Should I Apply Mulch?

Generally speaking, mulches are best applied from mid-spring to late autumn. We advise our Abingdon clients to avoid putting down mulches in the summer and winter, as soil is generally too dry or too cold, respectively. In the spring/autumn, soil is warm and moist, ideal conditions for mulch to work its magic.


This means that if you ever require stump grinding, tree root grinding, stump removal or tree root removal in the run-up to planting season, you can stockpile the mulch that’s left over in preparation.

How Do I Apply Mulch?

Targeting areas around new plantings, established plant beds and borders, apply the mulch while taking care to not smother low-growing plants. Here are some more tips for mulch application:

image of pale wood chip mulch

• Make the mulch at least 2in deep, aiming more toward the 3in mark

• Mulches should be placed over moist, weed-less soil and roots

• Plant through mulch to create new flower/plant beds

• Use the canopy radius of a tree or shrub to determine how far to mulch around it

While applying mulch to key areas of your garden is a great way to enrichen your soil’s nutrients, it’s also important to safeguard your garden from problems caused by wayward tree stumps and roots. So call in our tree root removal and stump removal experts near Abingdon when you’re looking to banish stumps and roots. We employ a number of techniques, including stump grinding and tree root grinding, to help preserve your garden and take a load off your mind!

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