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Versatile Stump Grinding Solution for the Banbury Area

Sometimes tree stumps and roots are found in hard-to-access locations. Many companies operating in the Banbury area may struggle to deal with these kinds of jobs, but not Grindforce. We’ve invested in specialist stump grinding equipment that enables us to quickly and efficiently carry out tree root grinding and stump removal in many hard to reach areas.

Stump Grinding in Hard to Access Areas around Banbury

Specialist stump grinding tools are light weight and manoeuvrable, at least compared with traditional, heavy-weight bits of kit. But they still pack a punch, and can make short work of even significant stump removal jobs in and around the Banbury area. We will employ these tools for tree stump grinding and tree root removal jobs where the stump is:


In Elevated Gardens – Let’s say you’ve invested in a beautiful raised garden for your Banbury property, but a tree inside of it has had to be felled because it grew too large or came down with a case of tree rot. Leaving the tree stump there could prove problematic.


While certain types of tree rot can afflict tree stumps, it’s more common for “sprouting” to occur. This is when a number of small saplings grow out of the stump’s surroundings. This phenomenon could spoil the elevated garden that you’ve worked so hard to perfect. Stump removal and tree root removal is a cost-effective, hassle-free way to preserve it.


On Sheer Banks – Trees have a habit of growing in awkward locations, and on steep or sheer banks is just one of them. A traditional stump grinding tool may prove a little unwieldy and dangerous to use in these kinds of areas, even for a team of incredibly experienced stump removal experts, like our own. Our specialist equipment allows us to easily carry out tree stump grinding and tree stump removal in problematic areas that many years ago, may have raised the hairs on the back of our necks!


Up Against Structures/Property – If you need us to deal with a stump that’s pushed up close against your home, place of work or a structure you own ( a shed, for example), then you want full peace of mind that your property will not be damaged during the stump removal and tree root grinding process. Using specially made tools that enable us to take a slower, more precise, “fine brush” approach to the job, we can ensure that no damage occurs to your Banbury property or commercial premises.


Amongst Plants – There are many avid gardeners living in and around the Banbury area. Most are pretty attached to their plants and shrubs, and when they need a tree stump removed from their garden, don’t want to see their pride and joy killed off. Grindforce has the equipment, ability and experience to deal with tree stumps without damaging surrounding plant life.

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