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There are many different ways that tree roots can spoil your day. On this page, we’ve looked to provide some information on one of the most common tree root-related problems experienced by Bicester homeowners and companies – blocked drains.


If you’ve recently had a tree felled on your property, you may currently have a tree stump sitting in your garden or elsewhere on your land. One way to ensure that the roots underneath the stump don’t cause a blockage is by investing in our stump grinding and tree root grinding services, which are an integral part of stump removal and tree root removal.

Tree Roots and Your Drainage System

Drains are damp, dark and full of rich nutrients. When they’re not perfectly water-tight, they will attract tree roots that will grow into them. If you spot the problem early, then our tree root removal specialists near Bicester can deal with the problem before it causes any significant damage to your drainage system.


However, as roots lie underneath the earth and often go undetected, sometimes it’s only when the problem has become a significant one that a Bicester property owner catches on. While a blocked drain can act as one obvious sign that roots have worked their way into your drainage system, another signal would be a slow flowing one – for example, a basin or bath taking a long time to drain.


The roots get into your pipes by exploiting minor cracks, although they have been known to make more flagrant entrances when overrunning neglected properties around Bicester, like through an outside drain. Once inside, the roots will spread and function as a net, absorbing any oils, grease or fats that make it down your drain. Toilet paper may catch in the roots and cause a complete blockage.


At this point, it’s important to call in a plumber, who will likely recommend tree root removal or tree root grinding to get rid of the roots’ origins – often a stump or nearby tree. Once this has been carried out, the plumber will be able to access your system and hopefully unblock it. They may mend any cracks that have appeared in your piping, or alternatively, replace small sections of pipe. The problem could be more serious, though. Sometimes, roots expand and place a huge amount of pressure on the pipe, causing total collapse.

Preventing Drain Blockages Caused by Tree Roots

We recommended that our Bicester clients don’t plant trees or vegetation too close to drainage systems. It’s also recommended that you invest in stump grinding or tree root grinding if you notice stumps in your garden upon moving into a property, or after you’ve had a tree felled. Not investing in stump removal could mean that roots continue to grow, eventually making an (expensive) nuisance of themselves!

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