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Why Invest in Stump & Tree Root Removal in Oxford & Abingdon?

If you have tree stumps or roots on your property, you may wonder what the point of removing them is. After all, they can appear fairly innocuous. You might also think that stump removal or tree root removal is more trouble than its worth.


Firstly, we want to reassure all prospective clients around Abingdon, Oxford, Bicester and Banbury that our stump grinding and tree root grinding services are an altogether painless experience. They’re fast, efficient and highly affordable.


Secondly, we’d like to take some time to run through a few reasons why stump removal and tree root removal are incredibly important services. If you have any questions regarding our services or any of the below information, don’t hesitate to call the Grindforce team. We’re the Abingdon, Oxford, Bicester and Banbury areas’ go-to for all things surrounding tree root removal and stump removal.

Stump Removal & Tree Root Removal Benefits

image of a moss covered tree stump with ferns growing out of it
image of a circular saw in action cutting through a stump

1. Aesthetic

2. Health & Safety

If you’ve just paid to have a problem tree removed from your property, you may find that the left-over stump is a bit of an eyesore. Likewise, if you’ve just moved into a property around Oxford, Bicester, Banbury or Abingdon which has unsightly tree stumps dotted around the garden, getting rid of them could make your garden infinitely more attractive. Simply put, tree stumps are ugly and stump grinding is the best way to banish them once and for all.

Tree stumps can be easily tripped over, which makes them a health and safety hazard, especially for young children who love to run and clamber over anything even remotely raised off the ground. But tree stumps can also constitute a problem for Oxford, Bicester, Abingdon and Banbury companies, who are legally responsible for many accidents that occur on their property. Stump grinding can make for one less thing to worry about, and help safeguard against costly law suits.

image of a forest silhouetted against the sky
image of a large house surrounded by trees

3. New Tree Growth

4. Spatial Considerations

Stumps and tree roots that go unremoved from a property can eventually grow back into saplings, or encourage the growth of saplings/vegetation nearby. If you’ve just cut down one tree, only to have five grow back around it, you may find yourself pulling your hair out in disbelief and having to resort to chemical solutions to kill them off permanently. Tree root removal is a simple way to prevent this problem occurring.

Another reason why you may want rid of tree stumps is all the space they take up. If you’re planning to develop your Abingdon, Banbury, Oxford, or Bicester garden, whether via a landscaping project or a spot of gardening, tree stumps can be a real obstacle. Don’t avoid investing in your dream patio or decking just because a stump or two are in the way. Give Grindforce a call.

image of a moss covered tree stump with old cuts made into it

5. Pests & Bacteria

Decaying tree stumps attract all sorts of insects, including beetles, termites and ants. They’re also a breeding ground for bacteria, and can infect nearby trees and vegetation with all sorts of nasty diseases.  Tree root grinding and stump grinding keeps pests and bacteria away from your garden by taking away an environment in which they thrive.

Convinced of the benefits that stump and tree root removal can offer you?


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