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Stump & Tree Root Removal Services for Bicester, Banbury & Oxford

On this page, we’ve looked to provide more information on the stump removal and tree root removal services that Grindforce provides domestic and commercial clients around Bicester, Oxford, Banbury and Abingdon. If you have any questions regarding what we do, or if you’d like to receive a free, no-obligation quote for stump grinding or tree root grinding – then don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Stump Removal

After a tree has been felled, its stump remains. Tree stumps can be problematic for a number of reasons, all of which are explained in detail on our Stump & Tree Removal Benefits page. But simply put, they’re ugly, dangerous and take up a lot of space. They can also host termites, ants and fungus. So why let them rule your garden when we can quickly get rid of them for you?

There are a few different options available to a professional carrying out stump removal around Abingdon, Banbury, Oxford or Bicester. The most common method that we employ is stump grinding. While utilising specially formulated chemical treatments is another option often used to perform stump removal, the process takes longer and is generally less reliable. We favour stump grinding when removing stumps around Banbury, Abingdon, Oxford and Bicester as it is an immediate solution that is fast, effective and straight forward.

image of a tree stump in a town centre

The process involves a stump grinder, a powerful piece of arboricultural apparatus that mechanically grinds out the main root plate of a tree stump, leaving a fine mulch. This mulch is an effective natural fertiliser, and many of our clients choose to use it in other areas of their garden to enrich soil and encourage the growth of new plans. We have a range of stump grinders, some of which are specially designed to access spaces that offer limited access – awkward and narrow spaces as small as 26 inches.

Tree Root Removal

There have been many instances where homeowners and companies around Banbury, Abingdon, Oxford and Bicester have been left with sizable bills due to invasive tree roots. They creep into homes, drainage systems, patios and driveways, and if left too long, can cause significant damage to your property.

image of a yellow machine having just finished a stump removal job

Grindforce have the equipment and knowhow to stage full tree root removal. Our City & Guilds qualified team will carry out tree root grinding, bringing the root down to a manageable level. Then we can remove the root from the ground using a winch or by hand, being careful not to cause any further damage to your home or premises.

We’re happy to take on jobs of all sizes around Oxford, Banbury, Abingdon and Bicester. From relatively minor tree root removal, to dealing with extensive networks of roots that have worked their way deep under and within your property, Grindforce is here to help. We’ve worked with over 230 separate business at this point, including many reputable landscapers and tree surgeons, and even local authorities.

Do you require stump removal or tree root removal around the Banbury, Abingdon, Oxford or Bicester area? Call us today on 01993 883 938.



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