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Stump Removal and Tree Root Grinding Benefits in Kidlington

A central location in Witney makes Grindforce the perfect choice for stump removal and tree root grinding projects in the neighbouring Kidlington area. Stump grinding is a service provided after a tree has been felled or dismantled, and is an alternative to complete tree root removal work which can be costly, disruptive and highly labour-intensive.


Innovative stump grinding machinery is used at Kidlington properties to take down tree remnants to sub-floor level. There are numerous benefits associated with tree root grinding services when compared to leaving the stump in place, many of which are covered below. Stump removal is a safe, ethical and environmentally-friendly practice.

  1. Stump grinding, as a form of tree root removal, leaves the working area looking tidy. This is a particular benefit for domestic homeowners in the Kidlington area who may be looking to tidy up land space ahead of a prospective property sale.
  2. If the garden space around your property is already limited, a tree stump could be taking up valuable room you could be putting to better use. Stump removal services can leave land clear for a small patio, flower beds and similar landscaping features.
  3. If there are small children living in your Kidlington property, stump remnants create a potential tripping hazard. Tree root grinding eliminates protruding stumps, and leaves your land with ample space for children to run around safely.
  4. If you’ve already paid good money to have a tree felled, it stands to reason that you won’t want to pay for the work to be carried out again. Stump removal services eliminate the potential for new sprouts to grow, and help keep your land clear.
  5. Tree root removal prevents incidents of decay in remaining stumps on land in the Kidlington area. Stumps are a breeding ground for insects, pests and bacteria. Stump grinding stops the spread of harmful bacteria to otherwise healthy trees and plants.
  6. If you’re a keen gardener and mow regularly, you won’t want to damage your own machinery on protruding stumps. Tree root grinding takes remnants below the ground so you’ll never have to worry about breaking your lawn mower or hand tools.
  7. Kidlington property owners who use our stump grinding and stump removal services promote the healthy growth of surrounding plants. Remaining roots from a felled or dismantled tree can still suck vital nutrients away from other nearby specimens.

To find out more about stump grinding and tree root removal for your Kidlington property, call the Grindforce team now on 01993 883938 or 07754 738422.



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