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Answering Questions on Tree Root Removal and Stump Grinding in Oxfordshire

Meet Grindforce, the Witney-based company which provides stump grinding and tree root removal services throughout the whole of Oxfordshire. We know that stump removal and tree root grinding bring up a series of questions for land and property owners throughout the county, and this page seeks to answer some of the more common queries.


If you have any further questions about stump grinding or stump removal after reading this page, or if you need to know more before deciding on tree root grinding or tree root removal services for your project in Oxfordshire, we urge you to give us a call. The Grindforce team is here to provide clarity and to address any concerns you might have.

Are stump grinding and stump removal the same thing?


Not exactly, but both of these terms loosely relate to practices which produce the same results. Stump removal, or tree root removal, is a much more complex procedure which requires additional time, effort and manpower. While this practice completely removes the stump and roots from Oxfordshire properties, it is nearly always more costly.


So how does stump grinding differ to tree root removal?


Stump grinding, which can also be referred to as tree root grinding, is a faster and more effective method of removing stump remnants from land or gardens in the Oxfordshire area. Specialist machinery takes the stump to sub-floor levels and, while the roots aren’t taken out completely, the practice is sufficient enough to kill off the root system.


How will tree root grinding affect my land compared to stump removal?


Generally speaking, stump grinding will nearly always be a better option. Tree root removal can leave a gaping hole in the ground, whereas tree stump grinding creates chippings which our team uses to backfill the hole. A full stump removal will almost certainly require further landscaping work and this needs to be factored into the cost of the original job.

We are here to advise clients in Oxfordshire on the best option for the job in question, and we’ll always be clear, honest and transparent when making a recommendation.


What are the benefits of stump grinding and tree root grinding?


In effect, the benefits are exactly the same as those associated with stump removal and tree root removal. Tripping hazard are removed from your Oxfordshire land, insects and bacteria won’t be able to breed, space will be ready for further landscaping work, smaller gardens will have more room available and there will be less chance of damaging mowers and tools.

If you want to find out more about stump grinding and stump removal at any location in Oxfordshire, call Grindforce now on 01993 883938 or 07754 738422.



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